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2300ADTraveller20 (QuickLink Interactive)

T20 Character Sheet and Form 1.0

For my second official character sheet (my Dominion Rules sheet being the first), QuickLink tapped me for their tres cool Traveller d20 conversion. This is the version (fourth revision) I sent to QuikLink for inclusion in the rulebook.

MegaTravellerTraveller (GDW, Imperium Games, Steve Jackson Games)

MegaTraveller Character Sheet 1.0

For a game I only played once or twice, I sure spent a heckuva lot of time fiddling with Traveller things or thinking about Traveller. Besides, it's the only game I'm really aware of in which you can die during character generation. Who needs a GM?

Anyway, I learned from my friend Mike that some Traveller fans were lamenting the fact I didn't have any sheets on my site. Like my Call of Cthulhu sheets, I actually had a very old one I had already done, I just hadn't gotten around to posting it.

So, here it is, my one and only MegaTraveller sheet. At least it's available in two versions: the usual Rebellion-era sheet, or a more classic Imperium-era sheet. Maybe I'll get around to making a sheet for T4 or GURPS Traveller one of these days.

Many thanks to Harry Bryan for making a form-fillable version!


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