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Character Sheets and Such

I've played a lot of different roleplaying games, and I'm never happy with the character sheets they supply you with. So I usually sit down with PageMaker (now InDesign) and make my own. Sometimes they're just slightly different from the ones included with the game; occasionally they are very different. In the end, I think they're superior, and you can print them out at will.

I haven't played some of these games in years - <sniff> - but someone ought to get some use out of them. So I've been going through my old files and trying to convert them to Adobe PDF format so you don't need PageMaker and/or the fonts I used to print them out. I've also decided to take some of my adventure notes and make them available. You will need Adobe Reader (freely available for Mac, Windows and Unix) to view/print them.

These sheets and adventures are designed for personal use only. Each of these games are trademarks of their respective companies, so don't go and try to sell them or something stupid like that.

There's a lot more where these came from...stay tuned for more as I get a chance to convert them.

Note on Distributing These Sheets

I'm not asking for anything but feedback for personal use of these sheets (though I accept high praise and donations!), but I do ask that if want to make these works available from your web site that you do me the courtesy of asking for permission to do so, and link back to my site. Feel free to steal a copy of the 'Mad Irishman Powerbadge' below for just that purpose.

Mad Irishman Powerbadge

The Games

2300AD (GDW)
Arcana Evolved/Unearthed d20 (Malhavoc/Sword & Sorcery)
Ars Magica (Atlas Games)
Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium)
d20 Modern (WotC)
d20 System
Dominion Rules (Dominion Games)
Dragonlance Fifth Age/Saga System (TSR, now WotC)
Dungeons & Dragons (TSR, now WotC)
Gamma World (TSR)
James Bond 007 (Victory Games)
Iskusstvo Volshebstva (Hobby-Games)
Lace & Steel (TAGG, then Pharos Press)
Lord of the Rings (Decipher)
Mythus (GDW, then TSR)
Nyambe d20 (Atlas Games)
Omega World d20 (Paizo Publishing/WotC)
Rolemaster (ICE)
Space: 1889 (GDW, now Heliopolis)
Spycraft (AEG)
Star Trek (FASA)
Star Trek (Last Unicorn Games)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Last Unicorn Games)
Star Wars (WotC)
Top Secret (TSR)
Torg (West End Games)
Traveller (GDW, Imperium Games, Steve Jackson Games)
Warhammer FRP (Black Industries)
Wheel of Time (WotC)

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