Banggarth Hall

anggarth Hall is the home of the noble Armestronge family. Christopher's father William became Lord of Banggarth with his father Edmund's passing in 1197. The lands had been granted to the Armestronges by Arthur de Boyuill in 1182. While the Armestronges have been landholders in the area almost as long as have the Austhwaites, their lands (and influence) are more modest.

Similarly, Banggarth Hall is smaller than Austhwaite Manor, although its great hall is among the largest in the area. It lacks the defenses that Austhwaite Manor has as well, relying instead on sheer force of arms. As the Armestronges have no bachelor knights in their service, this would be but Sir William, Sir Christopher, and a small militia of peasants from the nearby villages. Sir William has toyed with the idea of building up the defenses of his household; while a pele tower would be prohibitively expensive, he is considering ramparts and a battlemented roof. Presented with a serious hostile force, the likely course of action would be to regroup at Austhwaite Manor.

There is a long history of friendship between the Austhwaites and Armestronges. Edmund came to the aid of Benedict Austhwaite when marauders attacked Boot in 1189, and their grandchildren have played together since birth. The ties became more fomalized with the marriage of Sir Richard Austhwaite and Gwendolyn Armestronge in 1219, and the birth of their son. The Armestronges also enjoy political ties through marriage to the powerful Dalston family of the Eden Valley, the Stricklands of Kendal, and the Allysonns of Pardsey Hall.

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Banggarth Hall floorplans:

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Floorplans of Banggarth Hall created by Patrick Murphy (a Mad Irishman Production).

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