The Austhwaite Family

The saga revolves around the covenant of Corona Montis and their interaction with the noble Austhwaite family, who reside at Austhwaite Manor. Information on the family members is available below.

Austhwaite Coat of Arms


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Members of the Austhwaite Family

Lord John

John Austhwaite, Magus of House Jerbiton and Lord of Austhwaite Manor
Richard Austhwaite, Resident Lord of Austhwaite Manor
Brendan Austhwaite, Minister to St. Catherine's Chapel
Stephen Austhwaite, a.k.a. "The Thrush"
Lady Gladys
Gladys Williams, neé Austhwaite
Lady Clothilde
Clothilde Willoughby, née Austhwaite, Maga of House Mercere
Edwina Austhwaite
Not Pictured
Jocelyn Austhwaite
Lady Gwendolyn
Gwendolyn Austhwaite, neé Armestronge

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