Austhwaite Manor and Environs

The magi of Corona Montis reside within Austhwaite Manor, home to the noble Austhwaite family. The lands were granted to Sir Richard's grandfather Benedict in 1209, the same year he died, though the lands have been in the possession of the Austhwaites since 1168:

"I, William, son of Henry, son of Arthur...have confirmed to Benedict, son of Ketel, and his heirs the land which my father gave him...namely Austhwaite, by these boundaries: by Birker Beck against the fellside as far as the stream which descends from the moss under 'Satgodard' [now The Seat]; and thence to another stream which falls from the moss into Devoke Water; and so as Linbeck Falls from Devoke Water into the Esk; and by the Esk against the fellside to Birker Beck."

'Stately' Austhwaite manor is an impressive structure, in stark contrast with the humble dwellings which dot the rest of the Esk Valley. Now, with the King (or at least His Majesty's Regent) desiring to shore up defenses in the area, the manor is becoming even more menacing: a pele tower is to be added to the house, and a barracks to be built nearby. A complete list of its residents is available.

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Circa 1220, before addition of a pele tower:

Circa 1222. after addition of a pele tower:

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Floorplans of Austhwaite Manor created by Patrick Murphy (a Mad Irishman Production).

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