The Armestronge Family

Second only to the Austhwaites in importance in the saga are the noble family of Armestronge, who reside at Banggarth Hall. Information on the family members is available below.

Armestronge Coat of Arms


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Members of the Armestronge Family

Lord William
William Armestronge, Lord of Banggarth
Lady Guenevere
Guenevere Armestronge, neé (ap) Owen, of Llandyrog
Sir Christopher
Christopher Armestronge, Lord of Borwick and Burton
Sir Christopher
Sedille Armestronge, neé Thwaites
Lady Gwendolyn
Gwendolyn Austhwaite, neé Armestronge
Lady Elaine
Elaine Allysonn, neé Armestronge
Lady Margaret
Margaret Whitney, neé Armestronge
Not Pictured
Thomas Armestronge

Illustrations by Patrick Murphy.

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