Stories of Rabenstein

1200 A.D. - 1205 A.D.

These beginning stories establish the infant covenant, introducing local peasants, clergy, nobility, and the strange nature of the covenant's magical aura. Descriptions of story events are relatively spartan during these early years, as much attention centered on role-playing (and the summaries were only composed some months after the actual sessions). Some of these early stories utilize elements from the previously published 3rd Edition Ars Magica supplements A Midsummer Night's Dream, and The Stormrider.

1206 A.D. - 1210 A.D.

These original stories observe the magi exploring their powers. The fledgling covenant achieves both internal and political stability, expanding its mundane influence with expeditions to neighboring duchies. Descriptions of story events are much more thorough, and many recurring characters appear.

1211 A.D. - 1215 A.D.

The saga hits its stride as ties to the Bishop of Seckau are strengthened, and several members of the troupe assume Storyguiding duties. The transition from Spring to Summer commences in earnest, as the covenant rises in political and Hermetic stature, solidifying relations with powerful allies and dangerous enemies. Yet from the sweet spills forth the sour, and many consternations continue to permeate the lives of the ambitious covenfolk.

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