Story Summaries

1200 A.D. - 1205 A.D.

Click on a story title to jump to the summary of that story (for your convenience, summaries are broken down into years, and have icons indicating major themes transpiring; keep in mind, however, that many are not easily categorized):

Covenant Hermetic Non-Hermetic Nobility The Church Faeries Demons Conflict


1200 A.D.

Florian's Knob


The Silver Tongue of Andernach


1201 A.D.

The Feast of Lugnasadh


Brigands of the Mür Valley

Wings Across the Neusiedler See




1202 A.D.

The Rhine Tribunal of 1202

Impetuous Youth
A Whiff of Brimstone


The Dungeon of Kleistburg


1203 A.D.

Morrigan the Witch



Massacre on Horn's Hill


Curse of the Horned God


1204 A.D.

Discovery of Katerloch Cavern

A Friend in Need

Hex of the Chicken Girl


1205 A.D.

The Court of Epona

Fool Me Once, Shame on You


The Sailors of Mabanogia



Story Summaries for Years 1206 to 1210

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