The Magi of Corona Montis

You may choose to enter one of the Sancti of the Magi below. Be forewarned that the Code of the Order of Hermes cannot guarantee your safety upon entering the Sanctum of another Magus...

The Magi of Corona Montis

Baelthornon of House Bonisagus, filius Caletus of House Bonisagus
Celer of House Bonisagus, filius Lucien of House Bonisagus
Clothilde Willoughby (née Austhwaite) of House Mercere, filia Mildryth of House Mercere
Epileus of Bjornaer, filius Domnhull Beg of Bonisagus
John Austhwaite of House Jerbiton
Roland Whitney of House Ex Miscellanea, filius Randolph Whitney of House Jerbiton

Apprentices at Corona Montis

Andrea Porter, filia Baelthornon of Bonisagus
Tori Pulacci, filia Celer of Bonisagus

Former Magi at Corona Montis

Dennis of House Tytalus (whereabouts unknown)
Eleanor of House Ex Miscellanea (spirit mistress who left covenant to live in a magical realm in 1220 A.D.)
Phædra of House Ex Miscellanea (left to join Cyllene covenant in 1226 A.D.)
Prava Sagitta of House Verditius, filius Aimery de Tolouse of Arteman (killed in battle with a drake in 1225 A.D.)
Savaric of House Gwyddbwyll, filius Glendower of House Gwyddbwyll (left to join Rector Maris covenant in 1225 A.D.)
Superbus of House Epebolus (sought admission to Corona Montis but left in 1227 A.D. after extended probationary period)
William of House Tremere (murdered; ghost contacted in bathhouse of Hardknott)

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