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Covenants of the Stonehenge Tribunal


The oldest covenant in the Stonehenge tribunal, Blackthorn is home to some of the most powerful magi in all of England. Set in the swamps around Norwich, Blackthorn occupies a lone tower, a monolith rising out of the center of a stagnant lake. Like their surroundings, the magi of Blackthorn are dark and cheerless.

Magi of Blackthorn:

Eglentine of House Criamon

The Supreme of the covenant, he does not exercise much control over the younger magi. Too concerned with the pursuit of his own knowledge, he pays little attention to what the other magi are doing. It is widely known that Eglentine has made many discoveries studying the decay of plants and animals.

Firman of House Tremere

A Hoplite of some renown for his relentless and ruthless pursuit of renounced magi, Firman has dedicated his life to the pursuit of conflicts and the power and wealth that they can bring.

Phitelet of House Flambeau

Also a Hoplite, Phitelet has a reputation of someone who just enjoys challenging other magi, so he can watch them suffer in defeat. Phitelet was the kind of child that would pull the wings off of flies.

Fagan of House Flambeau

Some were surprised by Fagan's choice of covenants. He is very young and thus he is surely going to be overlooked and abused at Blackthorn. Fagan just felt that a younger covenant with young magi would not be a challenge for him.

Vercinius of House Verditius

Vercinius is a truly unpleasant man. He specializes is devices of torture and pain. His abilities with magical devices keeps the other magi in his side of disputes.

Susk of House Tytalus

Known as "The Knout" for the harshness with which he treats his grogs. Some say that those who singularly displease him become his undead servants, in perpetual torment.

Cad Gadu

Cad GaduNestled among the high hills of northern Wales, Cad Gadu is a large fortified covenant, with a large freshwater lake nearby and an old forest surrounding its grounds. The center of the covenant is dominated by large oak tree, said to be 600 years old. The tree produces a number of silvery acorns each year, each acorn contains one pawn of Herbam vis. (Taken and adapted from Severn Temple.)
Magi of Cad Gadu, Domus Magnus of House Ex Miscellanea:

Llanoddwyn, Primus of Ex Miscellanea

Llanoddwyn is an ancient man who has made it his goal to bring order to his disjointed House. Knowing that this probably will not happen in his lifetime, he is training others to complete his goal.

Jordael of House Ex Miscellanea

A middle-aged magus with political aspirations, and Llanoddwyn's best hope for unity.

Kara of House Ex Miscellanea

Another of Llanoddwyn's students, though younger than Jordael, the combination of the two will make a powerful force.

Sylvania of House Merinita

A friendly lady, whose attitude reflects the faeries she seeks out. Once you meet Sylvania you can't help but to like her, though she does seem a bit flighty.

Tomas of House Ex Miscellanea

Just out of his apprenticeship, Tomas is an elementalist who thinks that Llanoddwyn's goal will weaken his House's diversity. Tomas feels that it is this diversity that gives his House the freedom to explore a variety of knowledges.

Urvandis of House Bonisagus

This Bonisagus lends Cad Gadu some respectability, as Urvandis is attempting to unite all magic theories under the rubric of Hermetic magic.

Vanarick of House Epebolus

Little is known of this magus save that he is not among the many Ex Miscellanea magi at Cad Gadu.

Rhiwallon of Myddfai of House Menecrates

This Welshman is famous for his medical knowledge, although his Hermetic reputation has suffered somewhat because of his service to Rhys Gryg, Lord of Dynefor and Ytrad Towy. His sons Cadwgan, Gruffydd and Einion are also capable physicians, although it is unclear whether or not they possess the Gift. Some magi suspect faerie blood runs in the family, and Rhiwallon himself has done naught to dispel tales that his line is descended from a Lady of the Lake of Llyn-y-Fan Fach.

Chapel Hill (destroyed)

This former Spring covenant was founded in 1217 on the site of an Iron Age Celtic hill fort near Balladoole on the Isle of Man, and its magi have done little since its founding. The young magi chose this remote location for its freedom from the rest of the Order and its alleged vast magical resources. They wanted a place where they could make name for themselves, and the Isle of Man provides them with the isolation they sought.

After failing to attend the Tribunal of 1221, the magi of Corona Montis journeyed to Chapel Hill to find that most of its magi had been slain by a malicious spirit (see the story summary Journey to Chapel Hill). With the addition of Mirabel of Verditius, the covenant once again tried to rebuild, but the covenant was destroyed by the Dragon of Man (see The Perils of the Isle of Man). Mirabel and Savaric of Gwyddbwyll seek to found a new covenant on the island, possibly in the same location but assuming a "new" name: Rector Maris.

Chapel Hill

Magi of Chapel Hill:

Benezet of House Trianoma

This Norman magus is fresh out of apprenticeship and eager to prove himself. He recruited Olaf and Baldric on journeys into England, running errands for his master. He allowed himself to be possessed by a murderous spirit on St. Patrick's Isle, and was the instrument of four magi's deaths. Later, he met his end at the hands of the Dragon of Man.

Olaf of House Tremere

Apprentice of Ilsebeta Walvis of Londinium, Olaf was a easy recruit. Ilsebta Walvis was reportedly an unforgiving master; Olaf was eager to get out of her reach. Olaf was slain on St. Patrick's Isle with most of his sodalis.

Baldric of House Arteman

Apprentice of Osgarus of Palma Sorviodunum covenant, Baldric had an interest in the land of Eire. The Isle of Man allowed him to be close to the land of his admiration without having to leave the Stonehenge Tribunal. He was slain on St. Patrick's Isle.

Maeve of House Bjornaer

Her Heart-beast was a Manx Cat. Maeve died on St. Patrick's Isle.

Feargal of House Merinita

An Irishman interested in the Fey nature of the island.

Ælfred of House Bjornaer

A Saxon magus, Ælfred's Heart-beast is a white stag. Along with Benezet, he was the only survivor to return from St. Patrick's Isle. He died at the hands of the Dragon of Man.


Killed at St. Patrick's Isle.


DrescaOverlooking the village of Albenwich, just west of Durham, the magi of Dresca seem to have an unusual relationship with the villagers. They are revered for their wisdom and their healing potions. The magi seem to encourage this relationship, and this tends to help hide the covenant from strangers and gives the magi some measure of seclusion while living in a well-populated area. The covenant is situated on a Celtic burial mound that produces a large quantity of Corpus vis.

Recently, Corona Montis learned (via the strange figure of Lassitor of Díedne) that all of Dresca's magi claimed to be Díedne themselves! After some debate, the magi of Corona Montis decided to keep this knowledge to themselves for the time being.

Magi of Dresca:

Barloff of House Ex Miscellanea (Díedne)

The unspoken leader of Dresca, Barloff is a quiet man who tends to silently guide his fellow magi. Barloff's wisdom is greatly respected, and his mastery of water magics and ritual magic earns him even greater respect. It is suspected that Barloff is an archmage.

Eustace of House Bjornaer (Díedne)

A young magus, though older than the magi at Corona Montis, Eustuce was an accomplished shapeshifter. His heart-beast was an owl, and he could easily change grogs into wolves, as Celer of Bonisagus discovered when they first met at Mary's Garden. Eustace was killed in a pitched battle with Barloff and the magi of Corona Montis.

Anivair of House Criamon (Díedne)

Nobody really knows how old Anivair is; he has been as long as anyone. He has undergone so many Twilights that he has to be close to his final one, so Barloff has appointed Gilleite to watch him, in hopes that someone will be there to witness his final moments.

Gilleite of House Ex Miscellanea (Díedne)

An accomplished master of air magics, Gilleite is currently taking time away from her studies to watch Anivair. She hopes to gain some insight into Final Twilight.

Zyphod of House Merinita (Díedne)

As with most modern Merinitas, Zyphod spends less time in search of faeries as he does trying to reproduce faerie magic. His research often keeps him from his home, and in faraway lands.

Dulcibella of House Ex Miscellanea (Díedne)

Dulcibella (or Alba, as she is known to mundanes) was apprentice to Barloff before passing her Gauntlet and joining as a full member. Clever and resourceful, she had been trapped in the form of a lamb until freed of a faerie curse. Alba handled herself so well in escaping her death sentence at the hands of the folk of Muncaster that Baelthornon suggested to Barloff that she had already passed her Gauntlet. She thus earned the admiration of all the folk at Corona Montis, and Roland and Baelthornon in particular.


Domus Magnus and sole covenant of House Gwyddbwyll. The 'Covenant of the Skald Crow' is also located in Wales, but nobody quite knows for sure where. It is widely believed that Gwyddbwyll may lay within the realms of Faerie. The covenant has three great thrones in its council hall. The first is occupied by the Primus, but the other two remain empty, one reserved for the founder of the tradition and the other for its greatest practitioner, Merlin.

Magi of Gwyddbwyll, Domus Magnus of House Gwyddbwyll:

Eddusa of House Gwyddbwyll

Primus of Gwyddbwyll, she is still wary of the Order. Before her master agreed to join the Order, Wizard Marches destroyed over half of the magi that belonged to her tradition. She has formed close ties with House Jerbiton, in order to keep a watch on the Order.

Tevenot of House Gwyddbwyll

Though he is older then Eddusa, it was wisely decided that he not be the leader of Gwyddbwyll. His hatred for the Order is widely known. Only his fear of the Hoplites keeps him in line, though it is believed that he does whatever he can to undermine the Order, whenever the chance presents itself.

Celestine of House Gwyddbwyll

Celestine is working with members of House Criamon to adapt his House's magic to the Hermetic way. Progress is slow, for Celestine has trouble understanding the Criamons, and he refuses to allow anybody into his laboratory, so all work must be done in the laboratories of his Criamon friends.

Glendower of House Gwyddbwyll

Glendower is a Welsh sorceror that appears in Shakespeare's "Henry IV" a few years' hence.

Savaric of House Gwyddbwyll

The youngest of his House, but the one with the most hope. He knows little of the past between his House and the Hermetic Order, and thus holds little resentment for the Order. He left Gwyddbwyll to join Corona Montis but never acclimated to the political intrigue, so left for the wilds of the Isle of Man to help found Rector Maris.


Londinium covenant enjoys the inherent advantages of being situated in a bustling national capitol. Originally founded with the cover of being a "school for the nobility," Londinium has greatly expanded its role in the city with the admittance of Randolph Whitney and his wife's mercantile family. The prominent Jerbiton influence has eased the nobility into seeing the "scholars" as more than teachers of arithmetic and rhetoric. Indeed, all of the Magi at Londinium have direct and unquestioned access to court life and may move freely among the nobility. Furthermore, the magi all carry titles, whether invented or actual. Away from the frantic political squabbling and militaristic inclinations of the continent, the magi of London enjoy great freedom.

Magi of Londinium:

Balthazar DeFeniere of House Jerbiton

Balthazar is the Supreme of the covenant.

Randolph Whitney of House Jerbiton

Father and Pater to Roland Whitney of Ex Miscellanea of Corona Montis.

Marcus Falache of House Jerbiton

Donald Richardson of House Jerbiton

John Austhwaite of House Jerbiton

John Austhwaite of Jerbiton is not a member of Londinium - being of course the Supreme of Corona Montis - but he has negotiated use of laboratory space there while he is at court in London, and his deft political skills are of course welcomed.

Burton Heff of House Bonisagus

Walter Whitbridge of House Mercere

Along with Mildryth of Palma Sorviodunum and Clothilde Austhwaite of Corona Montis, Walter is one of only three Redcaps in the Tribunal.

Polonius Domitus of House Verditius

Alena & Michael Weiss of House Ex Miscellanea

Guy Mattius (Guy of Bern) of House Bjornaer

Guy LaRoche (Guy of Chartres) of House Guernicus

Ilsebeta Walvis of House Tremere

Odin's Rood

This covenant, settled in the Danelaw, retains much of that region's connection with Norse history and culture. Its place in the Tribunal is weaker than it could be, primarily because of rumors that they harbor members of the Order of Odin (though every magus at the covenant vehemently denies these rumors). Its principal vis source - Herbam - is a mighty ash said to be connected to the Ygdrassil itself.

Magi of Odin's Rood:

Volstagg of House Ex Miscellanea

This Dane claims to have giant's blood in his veins, and a mastery of Norse Rune magic in his head. He is often called "the Red Bull" for his massive bulk and flaming red hair.

Venor Celata of House Criamon

This Criamon has Pictish tattoos.

Fulgencio of House Flambeau

An Italian interested in the sun's effect on plant growth. Naturally he is adept with Ignem and Herbam magics.

Piter of House Bonisagus

A Flemish magus whose reasons for leaving the Continent have never been disclosed. Most of his waking hours are spent in his impressive laboratory.

Rivke Eiriksdottir of House Bjornaer

Rivke is from faraway Iceland and her heart-beast is a tern. She is known to take long leaves of absence from the covenant, giving her sigil to Volstagg during those times.

Palma Sorviodunum

Founded early in the 11th century, this covenant is just entering its Winter cycle, and is the home the oldest magus in the Stonehenge Tribunal: Dolichena of house Tremere. Located in relative seclusion on the edge of a large forest, they have somehow managed to escape the constant turmoil of the warring nobles. Some say that this is due to the fact they often break the Code and side with the strongest noble.

The covenant is the steward of the temple of Stonehenge (and consequently the beneficiaries of its Vim vis). Tribunal meetings are held in the shadow of the great stones.

Magi of Palma Sorviodunum:

Dolichena of House Tremere

Believed to be well over 100 years old, Dolichena is trying to make Stonehenge a better organized tribunal. She blames the strong presence of Ex Miscellanea for her failures. Dolichena is an archmage.

Aldredus of House Guernicus

This archmage shares Dolichena's political views, but still acts to counter her somewhat questionable actions. Aldredus is every bit an equal to Dolichena, and he lets her know it when ever he needs to.

Godewinus of House Tremere

An early apprentice of Dolichena, he has a fiery temper, and does what he can to help his former master.

Leofricus of House Epebolus

A middle-aged magi, originally of House Tytalus. Leofricus has lately been working with Dolichena on bringing order to his House.

Osgarus of House Arteman

An older magi who is writing a history of the Stonehenge Tribunal. He often is away doing his research, and has long talks with Dolichena.

Mildryth of House Mercere

One of only three Redcaps in all of England (the others being Walter Whitbridge of Londinium and Clothilde Austhwaite of Corona Montis), she often travels with two burly men. Even though she has no magical abilities to speak of, she is well respected by other magi.

Brisebois of House Trianoma

A Frenchman whom many (including an old acquaintance, Prava Sagitta) suspect is spying for the Normandy Tribunal.

Osric of House Verditius

Osric is responsible for Stonehenge itself, and oversees rituals performed there, vis extraction, etc. He is also the Tribunal's expert on stone circles.

Rector Maris

Founded in 866 A.D. by an unrelated group of magi, the original Rector Maris was destroyed the same year. The new Rector Maris covenant has no real ties to its namesake, save that it too was founded upon the Isle of Man, this time in 1226 by former members of Chapel Hill and Corona Montis covenants. Most of its members have ties to Corona Montis.

Magi of Rector Maris:

Savaric of House Gwyddbwyll

The youngest of his House, but the one with the most hope. He knows little of the past between his House and the Hermetic Order, and thus holds little resentment for the Order. He left Gwyddbwyll to join Corona Montis but never acclimated to the political intrigue, so left for the wilds of the Isle of Man to help found Rector Maris.

Mirabel of House Verditius

Known for her skill at brewing potions, this young maga sought to join Corona Montis at the same time as Savaric. However, although the magi of Corona Montis sought to add both of the promising newcomers to their number, Maribelle felt she would be best served joining another covenant, primarily because she felt she would be overshadowed by Prava Sagitta, likewise a Verditius known for his potions. Thus she joined Chapel Hill until it was destroyed by the Dragon of Man (see The Perils of the Isle of Man). Thereafter, she corresponded with Savaric and Larkin and convinced them to help her found Rector Maris.

Larkin McCaffrey of House Quendalon

A Scot and third of the covenant's founders, he is largely unknown to Corona Montis.

Renata of House Tremere

Twin sister to Sir Aeddan Willoughby (aka Baelthornon of Bonisagus), Lady Adwen Willoughby was for many years bent upon exacting revenge upon her family for abandoning her. With her capture, Baelthornon petitioned the Order to spare her (she had been Marched for her assaults upon Corona Montis and the nobility) and instead she underwent Mentem magics to purge her hatred. Baelthornon is now charged with keeping an eye on her, and given this task and her history, it was felt that her installment at Rector Maris - close but not too close - was best for all parties. She is, like her twin, quite adept at Corpus magic. Her newly-adopted Latin name means "reborn."


Located at the far tip of Cornwall, Sprayspire is located in one the wildest places in England, and therefore is one of the least-known covenants in the Tribunal. It is believed to have a flock of magical sheep. The covenant itself is located in within a 90-foot tall stone spire which has window-like openings but no apparent door or ground entrance. Lying on the rocky shoreline, it is constantly battered by waves and surrounded by foamy spray from which the covenant's name is derived.

Magi of Sprayspire:

Michael of House Jerbiton

Like most of his House, Michael is heavily involved in the affairs of the surrounding nobles, and has put in place a formidable spy network throughout Cornwall, and even has ears at court in London. He was the original master of Baelthornon of Bonsiagus, until Caletus claimed the boy as his own apprentice.

Caletus filius Ctibius of House Bonisagus

A solemn man, Caletus is devoted to his magical studies. Pater to Baelthornon of Bonsiagus, he allowed Michael to have a hand in the boy's training, accounting for the Bonisagus' political inclinations.

Amis of House Bjornaer

Amis' heart-beast has to do with the sea, which is why he chose a covenant near the sea. Amis is a cranky man, and he only seems comfortable when he is near the sea or in his own lab.

Dulcia of House Ex Miscellanea

Dulcia believes that the sea is a source of great power, and the more she can learn about it, the closer she is to being able to reaching the edge of the world, which she theorizes is a place of unprecedented power.

Annora of House Merinita

An aging magus who has devoted his life to the study of Faerie. Now that he is near Final Twilight, he wishes to find an open door to Arcadia. Annora thinks that the sea is the perfect place to hide such a door.

Phytheon of House Callimachus

Phytheon sees great beauty in the meeting of sea and land, and has used his powers to create many wonderful paintings of sunrises, sunsets, and thunderstorms.

Ygraine's Grief

This covenant was founded on the battlefield where Uther Pendragon slew the Duke of Gorlöis. Scriptor notes that Ygraine secretly visited here to mourn her first husband, despite Merlin's prophecy that her child with Uther would become England's greatest king. The lillies she spread here regrow annually and provide vis for the covenant. Its proximity to Arthurian sites makes it a pilgrimage site for those who would seek inspiration from the legendary king's life. As the number of visitors increases, the magi have concealed the library and sancti in the sea caves along the rocky coast, only accessible from secret tunnels under a small keep. Still, because of mundane interest its Hermetic power is small and its members few.

Magi of Ygraine's Grief:

Sir Theregraunce of House Jerbiton

He is responsible for hosting the knights who travel here year-round.

Scriptor Riothami of House Arteman

Scriptor is collecting Arthurian myths from across the island.

Pràxedes of House Tytalus

A Basque magus who seeks parallels between Arthur and the French hero Roland.

Covenants of the Loch Leglean Tribunal

Holy Oak

This covenant was thought destroyed in the Schism War, having been a Díedne stronghold. However, during the story Reunion, the magi of Corona Montis discovered some of its members - or perhaps descendants of theirs - had escaped destruction and now plotted the Order's downfall. When Corona Montis and Dresca marched to destroyed them, they found that the Díedne magi had fled for parts unknown.

Magi of Holy Oak:

Sainrith of House Díedne

Rhiannon of House Díedne

Gryffydd of House Díedne


This covenant of border reivers is primarily made up of Saxons and others who have a grudge against the ruling Normans. This naturally puts them at odds with Corona Montis, as retold in the story Neighbors to the North. The powerful Nixon clan surrounds their covenant, and acts to 'dissuade' would-be attackers.

Magi of Horsingas:

Giuseppe del Mato of House Flambeau

Edwin of House Tytali

Jehan of House Jerbiton

Ealwynn of House Bjornaer

Coenwulf Eofurcumbol of House Bjornaer

Alfred of House Tytalus

Whitburth Frithowebba of House Quaesitor

Novitas ex Hereditas

Corona Montis knows little of this covenant, but conversations at the last Tribunal hinted that its members were pledged to wed Hermetic traditions with native magical rites.

Secundum Artem

This covenant is made up of non-native wizards and two Scots who studied magic on the Continent. They are somewhat at odds with Novitas ex Hereditas, as they see little cause to preserve Scottish magic, instead favoring to observe strictly traditional Hermetic ritual.

Covenants of the Hibernian Tribunal

Æmulus Magnorum

Corona Montis knows little of the covenant except its name, which means "In the manner of the greats."


The Domus Magnus of House Arteman, Clonmacnoise is disguised as a monastery, dating back to the 6th Century.

Judge Hill

Located in the southwest of Ireland, this covenant lies near the hill of the same name. At the summit of the hill is a cave leading to the lands of Donn Desa, escort of the dead, also called Donn Fírinne ("the judge" or "the truthful") by the locals. Donn Fírinne is known to appear around the countryside, clad in black armor and riding a white stallion. The dead are left out in the open on the hillside where Donn Fírinne can claim them. As to the covenant itself, precious little is known to the magi of Corona Montis.

Magi of Judge Hill:

Fulgurator of House Tytalus

His name meaning "one who divines from lightning," Corona Montis knows only the magus' House, and that he was somehow involved in the affair of the Porter lands (see the story Our Mutual Friend).

Socha O'Conner of House Ex Miscellanea

Save that Socha is a woman, a maga of Ex Miscellanea, and somehow involved with the affair of the Porter lands (see the story Our Mutual Friend), Corona Montis knows little of her.

Tulach Mór

This covenant has the dubious distinction of having been founded on the site of an old covenant of House Díedne. Some ten years after the end of the Schism War, a Flambeau from the Holy Roman Empire founded the new covenant to "keep an eye out for those traitors." While Díedne did not reappear, Uletus of Flambeau and his sodalis remained here, and the covenant eventually moved on to other affairs. This covenant is not particularly powerful, given its age, and has no (known) agenda.

The name of the covenant is that given by the locals: "great hill." The hill was the feis site of both Uí Niall chieftans and the kings of Tara. Their arrival on Beltaine for their inauguration each year was marked by a large increase in the magical aura, which continues to this day.

Magi of Tulach Mór:

Kalendros of House Flambeau

Nominal leader of the covenant, this Greek man has more tolerance for "transgressors" than do many of his House.

Scatach of House Ex Miscellanea

This middle-aged native woman has spent considerable time researching the role of Meadhbh in the feis ceremonies.

René of House Trianoma

This young man from Anjou is determined (some might say obsessed) with reconciling the Normans and the native Irish.

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