Ahd as-Sabrathah

As-salaam alaikum. Welcome to the former home page of Sabratha Covenant. This saga was just getting underway, consisting of players from the late Rabenstein saga, when we realized we'd bitten off more than we wanted to chew in the very non-European North Africa. For now, I'll leave it up from inertia. But our replacement saga is active. Please visit Corona Montis, located in the Lake District of England, and Code or not, closely allied with the noble Austhwaite family.

Sabratha was, along with its sister cities of Leptis Magna and Oea (Tripoli), a Phonecian settlement and later a Roman colony along the shoreline of what is now Libya. The Covenant is situated within the ruins of the city, which although still along trade routes, is probably sparsely populated.

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