Melnik of House Epebolus

MPortrait of Melnikelnik was the fourth Magus to join Rabenstein, arriving with young Gustav in 1197 from the Covenant of Silistra. Apprenticed to Imsos of Flambeau, Melnik cared little for the domineering manner of his pater, and after passing his Guantlet, renounced membership to Flambeau and tied his lineage to that of House Epebolus (please refer to the Additional Houses page to comprehend the significance of this deed). Severing his ties to his master, Melnik's first few years with Rabenstein proved to be exciting and dangerous, as he led battles against bandits, the mysterious witch Morrigan, Brabancon mercenaries, Magyar tribes, and even slew a young Magus of Valcum Covenant near Lake Balaton (his Flambeau lineage had taught him well in the art of destruction). Melnik's true interest lay in discovering the source of Hermetic magic, to join the seekers if he could glean more of them. The mysterious nature of Rabenstein's aura slowly consumed Melnik, and he devoted much of his time to unravelling its qualities.

Tragedy befell Melnik in 1206, when his frequent relations with the faerie court of Epona proved overwhelming to him. After journeying to the Celtic faerie court in 1205 with other covenfolk (see the previous story The Court of Epona), Melnik became enamored of a beautiful milky-skinned sylph named Fionula (with an iron chastity belt). Over the next year he often returned to the forest to steal her kisses and learn more of the faerie court (he was even encouraged by Lassitor, who tried to make the journey with him, but it became clear that only when Melnik was alone could he find the slyph). When Melnik failed to return to Rabenstein after a lengthy 6 month absence, his slave Mudimbe went looking for him in the woods. Mudimbe returned to say that the slyph came to him and claimed that Melnik had been slain, murdered by her jealous husband. The truth of this claim remains unknown, but at the very least Melnik remains lost within a faerie regio, and if he ever returns he will certainly be a changed man.

Melnik wears a dark robe, and his neatly groomed mustache hones his menacing countenance. Fiercely independent, Melnik spent little time with other members of the Covenant. He purchased a slave to serve as his custos, and holed away in his laboratory for many years readying it for his work. The Covenant owes him a debt of gratitude for discovering the copse of skulls.


The laboratory lay dormant after Melniks' disappearnce within the faerie forest of the Styrian hills. When Cynric Ex Miscellanea joined Rabenstein in 1206, he set up residence in Melnik's sanctum. Cynric determined to use the lab himself, and has investigated its character, and rearranged its contents to suit his own needs.

Please refer to Cynric's sanctum for a description of the laboratory now (some of the effects predate the new Magus and belonged to Melnik, particularly the collection of wooden and clay bowls).

Hermetic Grimoire

Melnik's Hermetic grimoire has likewise passed to Cynric's hands. He has decoded it and transcribed some of its spells into the Covenant's library.

Vis Supply

Cynric Ex Miscellanea appropriated Melnik's remaining vis when he took over the Magus' lab.

Melnik and Other Members of Rabenstein

Melnik apprenticed at Silistra Covenant in the Rhine valley, though relations with his pater Imsos of Flambeau were always strained. Gustav of Merenita arrived with Melnik at Rabenstein. Gustav had always been a rival, for the younger mage had been a fellow apprentice at Silistra, and the two magi frequently engaged in shenanigans with one another. But a few years Gustav's senior, Melnik came to view the lad much as a younger sibling, worthy of his friendship but needful of his wisdom and experience. Melnik respected Lassitor for his valued insight into faerie matters, Capra for his stealth and skill as a shapeshifter, and the elder Bonisagus Merento for his useful knowledge of roman antiquity (particularly appropriate for their new home since it was situated upon roman ruins). Though fiercely independent, Melnik percieved the new Covenant to be a true democracy, and resented any hint of authoritarianism (for this reason he often quarreled with Lady Enelle). Melnik often kept to himself, so the other magi viewed him as something of a mystery (but wary of his violent power). His disappearance was also rather a mystery, as the other magi did not appreciate his loss for several months (Melnik had often departed the Covenant on private matters without convening the Council to explain his intentions). Since he departed Rabenstein in the early spring of 1206, he has no knowledge of the Covenant's history since this date, nor its new members. Currently, Merento holds his sigil in absentia.

Illustration by Jason Buss.

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