The Library of Rabenstein

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Hermetic Library


Creo 10, Quality 2 (soiled pages, some missing, -4)
Intéllego 5, Quality 3 (verbose, -1)
Muto 5, Quality 3
Perdo 8, Quality 6 (clear script, +1)
Rego 4, Quality 4 (well illustrated, +2)
Animál 8, Quality 2 (poor binding, -2)
Aquam 5, Quality 4
Imáginem 10, Quality 5
Mentem 7, Quality 5 (elegant script, +1)
Terram 5, Quality 4 (missing pages, -1)
Vim 10, Quality 5

Supplementary Arcana

Intéllego Liber Questionum (Level 5 minimum), Quality 3 (illuminated, +1)
Rego Tractatus Rise of the Feather Body, Quality 1
Auram Tractatus Charge of the Angry Winds, Quality 2
Ignem Tractatus Blinding Cloud of Soot and Smoke, Quality 1 (soiled pages, -1)
Ignem Liber Questionum (Lv 5 minimum), Quality 4 (exemplary illustrations, +1)
Vim Liber Questionum (Lv 4 minimum), Quality 7 (written on uterine vellum, +2)

Library of Mundane Lore


Theology (Biblical heresies) 2, Quality 1 (no illustrations, -2)
Faerie Lore (woodland creatures) 4, Quality 4
Occult Lore (major devils) 4, Quality 5 (competent illumination, +1)
Church Lore (history of Germanic diocese) 2, Quality 2 (meager illustrations, -2)
Levant Lore (rivers) 3, Quality 4 (decorative maps, +2)


Artes Liberales (Goliardic Poetry), Quality 2
Philosophiae (Plato's Phaedo), Quality 3
Canon Law (Papal Bulls of Gregory IX), Quality 5 (sturdy binding, +1)
Steiermark Lore (Nobles), Quality 6
Legend Lore (dragons), Quality 7
Civil Law (Lombard League), Quality 2 (useful illustrations, +1)
Polish Lore (portents), Quality 4 (written by Nicolaus of Arteman, currently at Mondsagen Covenant)

Libri Questionum

Magic Theory (Mercurian Ruins), level 2 minimum, Quality 6 (poor binding, -1)
Roman Lore (maps of frontiers), level 1 minimum, Quality 5 (uterine vellum, +1)
Hermetic Lore (Rhine Tribunal), level 1 minimum, Quality 1 (small script, mud-smeared, -1)

Hermetic Grimoire of Arcane Spells

As of Spring Season 1212 A.D.; new spells have link to their descriptions, and all others are taken from the Ars Magica 3rd & 4th Edition rulebooks, the Wizard's Grimoire, and the Net Grimoire [if described therein under a different name, this is listed in brackets].


Musk of the Skunk (CrAn 10)
Vision of the Marauding Beast (InAn 15)
Alleviate the Seprent's Bite (PeAn 5)
Soothe the Ferocious Boar (ReAn 5)
The Gentle Bridle (ReAn 10)
Ill Temper of the Wild Mare (ReAn 15)


Lungs of the Fish (MuAq 10)


Talons of the Wind (MuAu 20)
Circling Winds of Protection (ReAu 15)
Summoning the Raven's Wind (ReAu 25)


The Chirurgeon's Healing Touch (CrCo 20)
Rejuvenation of the Shattered Bone (CrCo 25)
Sight of the True Form (InCo 10)
Vision of the Yeoman's Last Breath (InCo 20)
Eyes of the Prowling Cat (MuCo 5)
Disguise of the New Body (MuCo 20)
Enfeebled Arm of the Newborn Babe* (MuCo 20) [as Arm of the Infant]
Gift of the Boar's Fortitude* (MuCo 25)
Ascending the Steps of Isis (ReCo 15)
The Wound That Weeps (PeCo 15)


Conjure the Sturdy Vine (CrHe 10)
Trap of Entwining Vines (CrHe 10)
Dance of the Staves (MuHe 15)
Snake of Sturdy Rope (MuHe 15)
Ward Against Faeries of the Wood (ReHe 15)


Candle of the Palm (CrIg 5)
Blinding Cloud of Soot and Smoke (CrIg 10)
Heating the Frigid Hall (CrIg 10)
Pilum of Fire (CrIg 20)
Wrathful Torment of the Searing Forge (CrIg 20)


Weight of a Thousand Hells (CrMe 25)
Glade of the Peaceful Dove (MuMe 25)
Loss of But a Moment's Memory (PeMe 10)
Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit (PeMe 20)
The Call to Slumber (ReMe 10)


Wall of Protecting Stone (CrTe 25)
Seeing the Corpse in the Grave (InTe 10)
Origin of the Ancient Object (InTe 20) [as Origin of the Ancient Artifact]
The Miner's Touch (MuTe 19)
Trackless Step of the Woodsman* (ReTe 10)
Circle of Warriors (ReTe 20)
Levity of the Burdening Stones (ReTe 25)
Ward Against Faeries of the Mountain (ReTe 25)


Shell of Opaque Mysteries (CrVi 30)
Orphean Chime of the Mystics (InVi 20)
Sense the Nature of Vis (InVi 15)
Sense of the Lingering Magic (InVi 30)
Gather the Essence of the Beast (MuVi 20)
Muris Magica (MuVi 20)
Wizard's Communion (MuVi 25)
Demon's Eternal Oblivion (PeVi 21)
Aegis of the Hearth (ReVi 15)
Circular Ward Against Demons (ReVi 20)
Fashioning the Pentagram (ReVi 20)

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