1200 A.D.

Florian's Knob

Date - 1/15, 1/29/95 (5th and 7th Sessions)

...where Rabenstein destroys an ancient regio and releases mysterious powers

While investigating the Mür Valley in the spring of 1200, the Magus Lassitor discovered a hillock whose peak bore a petrified ash tree containing vis. Discovering that the place was rumored to be a haunted mountain called Florian's Knob by the locals, Lassitor returned to the hill on Mayday where he experienced a strange vision of some kind of massacre and encountered an ancient spirit called Guthre. Bringing the other Magi to the site, they discovered buried remains of humans (probably Roman legionnaires). Despite numerous attempts to puruse the matter of the hill (yet loathe to cut down the ash tree and harvest it since it appeared to be the focus of the Knob's power), the investigation of the hill's mysteries was abandoned for months.

A second expedition to Florian's Knob was mounted on Halloween, but alas the group found themselves trapped within a regio and unable to escape back to the mundane world. After debating whether cutting down the ash tree would free them or trap them within the spirit world (to which it seemed to connect), Lassitor attempted to follow the beckons of Guthre and enter the spirit realm (though he was unsuccessful in escaping the regio). Several days of fruitless attempts to escape allowed brash heads to prevail, and the expedition was finally released when they cut down the mighty ash tree. This was followed by the appearance of a Roman legionnaire on a mighty black steed, with sinister horns. The rider attempted to speak, but made little sense as he spoke an archaic form of Latin. He grew angry, and assaulted the group, scattering them to the woods before storming away. A raging storm gathered in the Mür valley below, and followed the rider, who journeyed to Rabenstein where he confronted the baffled covenfolk amidst bursts of lightning which ignited the barracks (he appeared to be affiliated somehow with the place, which was formerly the roman fort of Grazerkogel). The hastily returning expedition from Florian's Knob managed to save a young squire of Landskron (though use of the last Corpus vis was necessary to spare him), and rally at the Covenant. Merento and Angelo decided to depart in pursuit of the rider and attempt to communicate with him since Merento was well-versed in Roman history (and of Italian stock). Reaching the rider at the summit of the Hochschwab (over the Mürz valley), Merento was trampled by the angry steed, but somehow managed to survive as the rider and steed vanished with the dissipating storm. By helping to put out fires caused by the rider in the village of Bosl, and in saving the life of squire Brian von Landskron, Rabenstein succeeded in forging a favorable impression amidst the valley, though at the expense of their prestigious Bonisagus Magus. The fact that Rabenstein was actually responsible for the release of the rider was thereafter a closely guarded secret.

*The rider's abilities were inspired by the White Wolf supplement The Stormrider (1991). However, his motivation and personal background (including the reason he was released from Florian's Knob with the destruction of the regio) were entirely original to this saga.

In subsequent sessions, the ash tree containing the vis was carted back to Rabenstein, and the spirit Guthre, which had advised cutting down the tree, appeared to Lassitor in the caverns beneath the Covenant. Further, expressing regret for the wounds that crippled Merento, Guthre relayed a ritual to heal the Magus (which involved immersion in the Barrenschutzklamm falls).

Cast: Merento (Clint Buss), Lassitor (Chris Blake), Angelo (Mike Provenzano), Lady Enellé Hallinger (Dallas Perry), Gustav (Christian Young)

The Silver Tongue of Andernach

Date - 1/22/95 (6th Session)

... Rabenstein establishes relations with neighboring Andernach Covenant

After receiving a visit from the first redcap to visit the fledgling covenant, all the young Magi of Rabenstein (Merento, Melnik, Gustav, Capra, and Lassitor) journeyed north of the Danube to the nearest Rhine Covenant, Andernach in the rainy summer of 1200. The Redcap, Aestrius, had born a letter from the supreme of the Covenant requesting a meeting. Andernach lay just north of the town of Linz near the Danube river, and was the nearest Covenant in the Rhine Tribunal. Led by the politically powerful Burchard of Jerbiton, Andernach discussed vis sources and territorial claims with Rabenstein. In an effort to appease Andernach, and gain their favor in any likely disputes with Transylvanian or Greater Alps Covenants, any source north of the Enns Valley (including the vast Salt District) was conceeded to the elder Covenant.

Cast: Merento (Clint Buss), Melnik (Mike Provenzano), Gustav (Christian Young), Lassitor (Chris Blake), Capra (Dallas Perry)

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