Story Summaries

1226 A.D. - 1230 A.D.

Click on a story title to jump to the summary of that story (for your convenience, summaries are broken down into years, and have icons indicating major themes transpiring; keep in mind, however, that many are not easily categorized):

Covenant Hermetic Non-Hermetic Nobility The Church Faeries Demons Conflict

1226 A.D.

The Search for Hermes' Staff  
In the Viper's Nest

1227 A.D.

Unexpected Visitors
Lion in Sheep's Clothing




The Eildon Fay      
Dresca Revealed
The Tribunal of 1227  
Blessed Events
That Bastard Marcellus

1228 A.D.

The Dog-Throne    
Neighbors to the North  

1229 A.D.

Thomas Askew, Where Are You?

1230 A.D.

Adwen's Redemption
Bit of the Past

Stories 1219-1225 A.D.

Stories 1231-1235 A.D.

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