Story Summaries

1219 A.D. - 1225 A.D.

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Covenant Hermetic Non-Hermetic Nobility The Church Faeries Demons Conflict

1219 A.D.

The Edge of Reason
A Midsummer's Harvest
Mary's Little Lamb
Trouble in the Mine 
The Redemption of Argent

1220 A.D.

And Everywhere that Alba Went...
Shadow and Sunbeam
Beyond the Wall
Don't Let the Bull Bite You in the Ass on the Way Out
Our Mutual Friend
Between Two Worlds
Japhet's Story
Look Who's Coming to Dinner
The Curse of Mannanan

1221 A.D.

The First Patrol 
The Tribunal of 1221 
Journey to Chapel Hill
An Unexpected Meeting at Strickland's Tournament

1222 A.D.

Visitors at the Abbey
The Eyes of Argus
To Hunt the Thrush
Family Reunion

1223 A.D.

Firman's Wine Bottle
Carnival at Carlisle

1224 A.D.

Japhet's Swan
Swamp Thing
Damosel in Distress

1225 A.D.

Whose Kid is That?
The Perils of the Isle of Man
A Willoughby Family Wedding

Stories 1226-1230 A.D.

Stories 1231-1235 A.D.

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