Residents of Corona Montis

The Austhwaites

Gladys Williams (neé Austhwaite)

Born 1204, she is John Austhwaite's daughter, and Clothilde's twin sister, though she appears older due to two years spent in a magic realm. She is married to Marcellus, a warrior from the same magic realm, with whom she had a son in 1220, Milo. Their relationship has been strained by the effect of returning to her own world, which wiped their memories of being together in this realm from their minds. She has a son, Milo.

Clothilde Willoughby (neé Austhwaite)

Born 1204, she is John's daughter, and Gladys' twin sister. She was close to her sister until Gladys disappeared and then returned from the other realm. After that, Clothilde was not sure what to do with herself. With the blessing of her father and the magi of Corona Montis, she entered apprenticeship as an unGifted Redcap. (Ann's companion character)

Sir Richard Austhwaite

Born 1189, Richard is regent of the manor while John is at court, or until they decide what to do about Gladys and Marcellus. Son to the late Edward Austhwaite, his brothers are Brendan and Stephen. Richard has recently been given charge of a small garrison to patrol the surrounding lands. (Chris' companion character)

Father Brendan Austhwaite

Born 1191, Richard's younger brother attended Oxford and is ordained. He administers to St. Catherine's Chapel, which stands not far from the manor house. (Mike's companion character)

Stephen Austhwaite

Born 1194, Stephen is Richard's youngest brother. Stephen seems to have less than desirable friends, and is involved in shady dealings. The magi have learned that he has a secret identity, known to some as "The Thrush." (Was Kendall's companion character)

Lady Gwendolyn Austhwaite (neé Armestronge)

Born 1196, Richard's wife and sister of Sir Christopher Armstronge, Richard's closest friend. In 1220 she gave birth to their first child, Nicholas. A daughter was born to them in 1225, Jennifer.

Other Nobles at Austhwaite Manor

Sir Christopher Armstronge

Born 1193, Sir Christopher is a lesser noble from a nearby family. A lifelong friend of Sir Richard, he serves as the Sergeant of the garrison. Christopher is Lady Gwendolyn's elder brother, and particularly likes her apple pies. (Pat's companion character)

Lady Sedille Armestronge (neé Thwaites)

Born 1210, Sedille met Sir Christopher in 1227 when he and the others pursued Sir Marcellus. They were immediately smitten, and married the nextyear in the spring. They had their first child, Michael, in the winter of 1228.

Sir Andrew Sampson

Born 1203, Sir Andrew was Sir Richard's squire. He was knighted in 1225 at Strickland's tournament along with his friend Sir Julius. He has elected to stay in the service of Sir Richard in hopes of gaining renown serving with the King's garrison. He has become somewhat cocksure after dealing the killing blow to the Dragon of Man.

Sir Julius Peale

Born 1205, Julius is a local boy orphaned at birth. He was raised by the Church at Calder Abbey, but as Julius had no heart to become a priest, he ran away. Formerly Sir Christopher's squire, Julius was knighted at Strickland's tournament in 1225 along with Sir Andrew. Like Andrew, he has elected to stay in the service of Sir Richard in hopes of gaining renown serving with the King's garrison.

Sir Roland Whitney

This "visiting scholar" from London is a Magus of Ex Miscellanea and a member of the covenant of Corona Montis. His father is - in addition to being the head of the respected Whitney family - a magus of House Jerbiton at Londinium covenant. Roland married Margaret Armestronge in 1224, and they had a daughter, Michelle Christine, in March of 1225, and a son, William Randolph, born in 1227. (Ann's Magus)

Lady Margaret Whitney (neé Armestronge)

Born 1201, Lady Margaret is Sir Christopher's youngest sister, and married Sir Roland in 1224. They have a daughter, Michelle Christine, in 1225.

Sir Aeddan Willoughby

Like Roland above, Sir Aeddan (also known by his Hermetic name, Baelthornon of Bonisagus) is a member of the covenant, also useful for his ties to the Willoughby family of Cornwall. (Pat's Magus)

Children at Austhwaite Manor

Richard Dalston

Born 1217, Lady Gwendolyn's first child by her former husband, Lord Robert Dalston, who was killed on the Fifth Crusade.

Nicholas Austhwaite

Born in December of 1219, Sir Richard's first son by his wife Gwendolyn.

Jennifer Austhwaite

Born in December of 1219, Sir Richard's first son by his wife Gwendolyn.

Adrienne Armestronge

Daughter of Sir Christopher and Adrienne Strickland, born in 1225. Unfortunately, her mother did not survive the birth.

Michael Armestronge

Son of Sir Christopher and Sedille Thwaites, born in 1228.

Milo Williams

Milo is the son of Marcellus Williams and Lady Gladys, born in 1220. John Austhwaite is reluctant to name him the heir, but will surely insist his name be changed to Austhwaite if he does so name him. His father abducted him into the magical realm of the standing stones but he returned some months later with the body of a teenager perhaps 13, but his mind was still that of a child. The dragon Dominique (see Between Two Worlds) had found him wandering alone in the forest, and sent him back with some sort of protective tabard.

Julian Austhwaite

Apparently born in 1227, this handsome lad was brought home by Lady Gladys, who insists the Lord gave to her. Investigative magic has made it known (to only Baelthornon and Celer) that the boy came from the same magical realm that produced Marcellus, and is in fact the son of Baelthornon and the dragoness Dominque. When Baelthornon next heard from Dominique, she revealed that he was the only member of her "clutch" to be born as a human, and that he might not speak for some years!

Michelle Christine Whitney

Michelle is the infant daughter of Sir Roland and Margaret Whitney born in 1225. Her godparents were Sir Christopher and the late Lady Adrienne and Prava Sagitta.

William Randolph Whitney

Son of Sir Roland and Margaret Whitney born in 1227.

Rachel Willoughby

Firstborn of the four children born to Baelthornon and Clothilde in 1227.

Abigail Willoughby

Second of the four children born to Baelthornon and Clothilde in 1227. Named for Clothilde's late mother.

Daniel Willoughby

Third of the four children born to Baelthornon and Clothilde in 1227. He was briefly taken by the hag Gelta, who claimed him as a promising apprentice of faerie, but was returned when she was slain.

Collwen Willoughby

Fourth of the four children born to Baelthornon and Clothilde in 1227. Named for Baelthornon's late mother.

Martin Willoughby

First of twin boys born to Baelthornon and Clothilde in 1229.

Gerard Willoughby

Second of twin boys born to Baelthornon and Clothilde in 1227

Servants at Austhwaite Manor


Born 1199 in Boot, he has recently taken over the duties of the butler, a position vacated when his father disappeared.


This young man was born in 1203 in London. Educated at grammar school, John Austhwaite discovered him and hired him as a clerk to aid Richard in 1226.


Born 1194 in the small village of Boot nearby. He is employed by the Austhwaites as a stable hand, as his father was before him. Franklin is a little upset with all the new additions to his stables, as the work is getting a bit much for him.


Born 1202 in Kendal, Helen was Lady Adrienne's handmaiden. With her passing, she has elected to stay at Austhwaite Manor to raise her daughter. She is a large woman and is gruff with the men folk.


Born 1194 in Boot, Ian is the shepherd for the family. Ian is a quite, shy man who prefers his solitude.


Roland's cousin, this girl was born in Rome in 1209, and serves as Lady Clothilde's handmaiden.


Born 1194 in Carlisle, she was once a ship's cook on a merchant vessel; she now cooks for the Austhwaites.


Born 1192 in Boot, she is the lady-in-waiting for the twins Clothilde and Gladys. She does not believe that the older girl that returned from the magical realm is Gladys. Odella thinks she is nice and all, so she continues to serve her, but is always trying to find proof that she is an impostor.

Soldiers at Austhwaite Manor

Note that unlike those listed above, most of these men live in the barracks on the Manor lands and not in the Manor proper.


Born 1191 in London. A King's man, Ailbric gladly came to Cumbria in hopes that he can advance his career. A seasoned footman, he is the unofficial leader of the King's men.


This Welsh bowman was born in 1202. He had moved to Kendal and owned a trading shop there, but it burned down and he was forced to look for employment. He moved his family to Boot and joined Sir Richard's garrison upon hearing he was looking for Welsh bowmen.

Bertram Jones

Bertram was born in 1203 as the fourth son of a Welsh merchant family. He worked as a guard for the family business, but found that he was not liked by the other guards or given the proper respect by his family. He and his friend Thomas decided to leave and seek their fortunes elsewhere, and arrived at Austhwaite Manor when they heard that Sir Richard sought Welsh longbowmen.


Born 1199, Darius grew up and worked in a traveling fair, until he was caught running a fixed dice game. He is taken with Tori, Celer's apprentice.


Born 1190 in Lynn, Norwich. An experienced King's man, he is a natural leader who takes the time necessary to teach his men the finer points of war.


Born 1199. Originally from nearby Santon, Fabien moved to Ravenglass to try to find work on a ship. Having no luck there, he eagerly joined Sir Richard when he heard of the work to be had close to home.


Gerard's father made him join the army so that nobody would discover that he killed their neighbor's sheep. Now that his younger brother Luke has joined him, he finds he has to look after him as well. Gerard is another of the Welsh longbowmen and was born in 1204.


Born 1199, son of a fisher from Schelwath on Windermere. His father lost his boat in a recent storm, and Herald hopes to make enough money as a soldier to buy his father a new boat.


Born 1193. Another King's man and a hardened veteran, has been in the service of the King since he was 15, and has traveled all over England.


Born 1198 in Boot. Though a large brute of man, he is very childlike in many ways. Still, few can match him in combat.


Born 1194 in nearby Scelwath, he is a reclusive man who seems to prefer the woods to the manor house or garrison. His skills at hunting and tracking have proven invaluable.


Born 1194 in Ravenstonedale, this King's man is an excellent swordsman but has a fiery temper. He has proven himself in many a battle, especially against Welsh insurgents. He is generous and loyal to his friends, but holds a grudge.


Born 1201 in Torver, Liegh comes from a family of farmers, but he had no desire to continue the family business. He is rethinking that now after meeting a woman named Ellen while he was on patrol in Hawkshead. He wants to ask her to marry him and begin farming after leaving Richard's service.


A Welshman born in 1196, Leon is a King's man. A bowman of some repute, it is said that he once shot a wolf in mid-leap at a distance of 75 yards. This may be a tall tale; one cannot tell with Leon.


Born 1201, the second son of a merchant from Grasmere. He feels that his brother can handle the family business, so he wants to do what he can to ensure the safe passage of all merchants.


Born in 1210, this Welsh lad left home to join his brother Gerard and to avoid becoming a farmer. He is simple-minded, but a capable opponent with his longbow.


Born 1193 in Ravenglass, Michael is a mean-spirited man. He has taken it upon himself to teach the new recruits "brawling techniques." What he is really doing, of course, is using this as an excuse to beat on them.


Born 1195 in Durham, this King's man is glad to be sent on border patrol, as he has a deep hatred of Scots and wants to kill many of them to avenge his father's death at the hands of Scottish bandits. He is a brooding, bitter man, given to drink. He is more at ease in the presence of soldiers. He reveres Sir Christopher.


This big Welshman, born in 1206, is a friend of Arnald's and came to Richard's service with him. He sees the service as a chance to travel. He is very strong and adept with the longbow.


Born 1196 in Canterbury. Rodney is another of the King's men. Somewhat overweight, it was thought the hikes in the Cumbrian mountains would thin him down. Rodney is more intellectual than most of his companions, and he tries to participate in meaningful discussions when around the nobles or magi.


Born 1195 in Wales, this King's man feels that the smaller garrison will enable him to gain more notoriety.


This hulking man was born in 1199 in Wales. He was always a good shot with the bow, and signed on with a merchant family in Wales as a guard. He and his friend Bertram Jones decided to leave Wales in search of adventure and found their way into Sir Richard's employ.

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