Magic Items of Corona Montis

Amulet of Authority

This crescent-shaped pendant of gold is set with a ruby, and adorns a fine gold necklace. Its wearer becomes more charismatic and commanding, thanks to the spell invested within.

Aura of Rightful Authority (ReMe 20)

Argholl (Dunmail's Mace)

Within a magical regio during the story Our Mutual Friend the magi encountered a strange man named Peithan who claimed to be the advisor to King Dunmail, the last King of Cumbria who was slain in 945 A.D. He bestowed this heavy wrought iron mace upon the magi, who in turn gave it to Richard after researching its powers. He also claimed that it was the mace of Dunmail himself. It provides a +3 bonus to all of its wielder's combat scores, and once per day the wielder may release a thunderclap by striking it upon something (including an opponent) and uttering the weapon's name, Argholl.

Axe of Perpetual Sharpness

Taken from the treasure trove of the Dragon of Man after she and her drakes were slain during the story The Perils of the Isle of Man, this axe has a magical blade that will not blunt and need never be sharpened.

ConstantineÍs Talisman

Taken from the defeated Constantine of Tytalus during the story Reunion, this simple oak rod is shod in iron, and is about 2 and a half feet in length. Four pawns of Herbam vis and three pawns of Perdo were invested in making of this item. By touch, its wielder can inflict serious pain; so intense is the pain that victims must make a Concentration roll of 6+ to take any subsequent actions.

Properties: +2 control earth +1 control sky +3 bonds +4 control things at a distance +4 destroy things at a distance

Inflict pain (PeCo 15), Penetration 17

Crown of Constantine

Little is known of the Crown or its powers, if any. It is simply thought to have been the adornment of that noble Roman and perhaps the crown of King Arthur as well.

Folds of Fortitude

This elegant tunic is light blue with dark blue edging, with no design upon it, although it has fine stitching. Mundane metal or wooden weapons cannot attack its wearer, although a magical attack using either element can succeed if it surpasses 30th level (although magic resistance is then afforded).

Ward attacks (ReTe[He] 30)

Gauntlets of Brawn

Also pulled from the Dragon of Man's treasure hoard, these metal gauntlets provide a +2 bonus to the wearer's Strength. They are currently worn by Sir Andrew, in recognition for dealing the coup de grace to the wyrm.

Gauntlets of the Once and Future King

Claimed by Scriptor Riothami of Arteman from Ygraine's Grief covenant to be the gauntlets of King Arthur himself, Corona Montis came by these when a vis-brokering deal went bad at the Tribunal of 1221. Later, the magi learned that the gauntlets were useless to all but Arthur himself, and they were stolen by Ygraine's Grief.

Horn of Mannanan

As far as the magi have been able to ascertain, this horn summons up mist or fog from a nearby water source. Moreover, if it is played on the Isle of Lundy, it replays the Viking invasions there, as retold in the story The Curse of Mannanan. This horn was taken from the griffons on Skye during the story Shadow and Sunbeam.

Idol of Dream-Guarding

This worn flint statuette was taken from the DOG. It looks like it was once a rearing horse, though its features are now smooth and parts of it are chipped. Its power is to protect those sleeping within Near range such that their dreams cannot be affected by external forces. This means that spells cannot affect the mind of the sleeper, nor can shamans contact the mind of someone under the influence of the Idol.

Mail of Frost

Another of the items taken from the treasure of the Dragon of Man, this finely worked half suit of chain mail provides its wearer all the protection of Ward Against Heat and Flames.

Relics of the Celtic Church

A silver-plated chalice, cross and plate from the church on the Isle of Lundy (see the story of The Curse of Mannanan). The magi discovered that they were magical, imbued with the holy power of the Celtic Church. Beyond this, the magi opted not to research them further, pleased simply to find holy relics which did not interfere with their magic. They bestowed the items to the Chapel of St. Catherine where Father Brendan tends his flock.

Ring of Perspicuity

This simple iron band claimed from the Dog-Throne grants its wearer a +6 to Concentration checks. Furthermore, magi who don it can cast one spell while maintaining another (ArM4 pp. 77-78) and need only make an Intelligence + Concentration stress roll equal to 9+ to do so.

Saddle of Steadfastness

The last of those items taken from the Dragon of Man's treasure, this finely made saddle of leather is embroidered with Celtic knots around its edges. Anyone riding a mount with the Saddle may dismount at will but cannot be forced off the Saddle unwillingly, short of being killed.

Torc of Aqueous Insight

This plain bronze torc is rather plain, and must be worn to be used. Unless first investigated by a magus, its wearer will likely not know that he must speak the phrase ñO great Mannananî to make it function. Once the wearer invokes this phrase, he gains insight into any body of water he is touching, understanding at once its composition, its contents, and where they lay or live.

Water communion (InAq[Vi] 30)

The Twilight Band

A ring made from silver, it is inscribed with intricate Celtic knot work. It fits perfectly anyone who tries to wear it. The wearer finds that he can use any of the following spells at will: Eyes of the Cat, Moonbeam, and Light Shaft of the Night. Additionally, he can cast Bleak Shadows of Midnight three times per Sun.

Resize ring (MuTe 5), Detect size (InCo 5), Eyes of the Cat (MuCo[An] 5), Moonbeam (CrIg 1), Bleak Shadows of Midnight (PeIg 15), Light Shaft of the Night (ReIg 10).

The Twinned Tomes

These two leather-bound books of average size are unremarkable in appearance, and are unusual only in their application of the version of Twinning the Tome invented by Baelthornon of Bonisagus.


This helmet affords its wearer clear sight through heavy snow, and makes its wearer immune to the effects of cold temperatures. Gained in Norway.

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