The Library of Corona Montis

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Hermetic Library


Animál 14, Quality 7
Commentary on the Animál Summa, Quality 7 (-1, dense script)
Aquam 6, Quality 9
Créo 7, Quality 2 (old, brittle pages)
Intéllego 12, Quality 10
Intéllego 9, Quality 3 (faded pages, -1)
Intéllego 6, Quality 8
Muto 5, Quality 4
Commentary on the Muto Summa, Quality 6, no quotes
Perdo 6, Quality 3 (torn pages, -2)
Rego 6, Quality 3
Commentary on the Rego Summa, Quality 4, no quotes
Aquam 9, Quality 4
Corpus 8, Quality 6 (illustrations, +2)
Herbam 4, Quality 3
Commentary on the Herbam Summa, Quality 3, no quotes
Mentem 10, Quality 5 (well ordered, +1)
Terram 8, Quality 6
Vim 6, Quality 4

Libri Quæstionum

Perdo Target Level 6, Quality 11
Rego Target Level 7, Quality 8
Animál Target Level 4, Quality 8
Auram Target Level 3, Quality 7
Ignem Target Level 2, Quality 9
Imáginem Target Level 5, Quality 7
Vim Target Level 7, Quality 10


Posing the Silent Question, Quality 4
Commentary on the Mentem Tractatus, Quality 3, no quotes
Purity of Spring Water, Quality 1
Wizards' Communion, Quality 3
Commentary on the Vim Tractatus, Quality 2, no quotes

Library of Mundane Lore


Ballads of Good King Ida, Quality 6
Church Lore (miracles) [by Nicolaus of Arteman] 2, Quality 10
Egypt Lore (religions) 2, Quality 3
Folk Ken (nobles) 4, Quality 1
Hermes Lore (covenants) [by Nicolaus of Arteman] 2, Quality 8
Legend Lore (British tribes) 3, Quality 3
Poems of Tallesin [incomplete], Quality 2
Theology (heresies) [by Nicolaus of Arteman] 2, Quality 9
Volumes of Herodutus [various Area Lores] (cultural practices) 3, Quality 3

Libri Questionum

England Lore (saints), Target Level 1, Quality 3
Occult Lore (demons), Target Level 2, Quality 9


Alchemy (potions), Quality 4
Canon Law (curiae) [by Nicolaus of Arteman], Quality 5
Hermes Lore (The Hermetic Tribunals), Quality 4
Hermetic Law (Code of Hermes), Quality 5
Hermetic Law (the Peripheral Code), Quality 4
Occult Lore (portents) [by Nicolaus of Arteman], Quality 4

Hermetic Grimoire of Arcane Spells

As of Winter Season 1231 A.D.; new spells have link to their descriptions, and all others are taken from the Ars Magica 3rd & 4th Edition rulebooks, the Wizard's Grimoire, and the Net Grimoire [if described therein under a different name, this is listed in brackets].


Twinning the Tome (MuAn 20) [invented by Baelthornon of Bonisagus]
Ward of the Biting Insects (ReAn 10) [invented by Roland Whitney of Ex Miscellanea]
Ward Against the Beasts of Legend (ReAn 20)
Betrayal of the Friendly Beast (ReAn 24) [invented by Celer of Bonisagus]


Purity of Spring Water (MuAq 5)
Ward Against Cold and Damp (ReAn 10)
Ward Against Faeries of the Waters (ReAq 15)


Chamber of Music (CrAu 5)
Sailor's Foretaste of the Morrow (InAu 25)
Ward Against Faeries of the Air (ReAu 15)


The Chirurgeon's Healing Touch (CrCo 20)
Disguise of the New Visage (MuCo 15)
Aegis of Perseus (MuCo [Te] 25) [invented by Baelthornon of Bonisagus]
Gift of the Boar's Fortitude (MuCo 25)
Shape of the Woodland Prowler (MuCo 25)
Grip of the Choking Hand (PeCo 15)


Rendering Plants Edible and Nourishing (ReHe 10)


Pilum of Fire (CrIg 20)
Ward Against Heat and Flames (ReIg 25)


Mists of Obscurity (CrIm 10)


Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie (InMe 20)
Posing the Silent Question (InMe 20)
Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit (PeMe 15)
The Call to Slumber (ReMe 10)


Trackless Step (ReTe 10)
The Unseen Porter (ReTe 10)
Ward Against Faeries of the Mountain (ReTe 20)


Rune of Protection (MuVi 20) [invented by Baelthornon of Bonisagus]
Wizards' Communion (MuVi 20)
Watching Ward (ReVi 10)
Aegis of the Hearth (ReVi 15)
Gift of Parma Magica (ReVi 20) [invented by Celer of Bonisagus]
Aegis of the Hearth (ReVi 25) [invented by Celer and Baelthornon of Bonisagus]

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