Introduction the Corona Montis Saga

Corona Montis was a roleplaying game run by members of the former Rabenstein Saga using the Ars Magica Fourth Edition rules by Atlas Games. Set in a reasonably accurate facsimile of 13th century Cumbria (The Lake District), England, the game revolved around the noble Austhwaite family and the magi of the Hermetic Order who resided with them. We have presented the stories (1219-1225 A.D./1226-1230 A.D./1231-1235 A.D.) in a manner to be read by someone unfamiliar with the Saga, both so visitors can experience the highs and lows of the Corona Montis characters, but also so other Ars Magica players can garner elements of the stories they find useful. Other resources players might find of interest here include a collection of Hermetic Magi, new spells, house rules, maps of Cumbria and Austhwaite Manor, and much more. This site is infrequently updated, but enjoy your visit, and please write to us with suggestions and comments.

Saga Troupe

The saga ran for 12 game years (almost 2 1/2 years of real-life play), ending in late 2001, and the last story ran occurred in 1231 A.D. The group rotated between meeting in Raleigh and Mebane, NC. These web pagesweare created, edited and maintained byPatrick Murphy. Other players (past and present) are listed on the Corona Montis Saga player roster.


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