Enemies of Corona Montis

Although Corona Montis and the Austhwaites have amassed a great deal of power — magical, financial, and in force of arms — they have also managed to earn the ire of several personages who would like to see their influence come to an end. Several enemies have been dealt with and either burned or put to the sword, but others await an opportunity to deal the covenant a crushing blow...


Once the jailer for the Lord of Galloway, Wragg turned many of his men to evil, and Corona Montis has run afoul of him on several occasions. The late Sir Thomas Anning, himself once one of Galloway's men, gave Corona Montis valuable information regarding this infernal beast, whose true form was revealed at Michael Scot's tower: half man, half spider, scaling stone walls with ease. Wragg has been encountered during the stories The Redemption of Argent, Beyond the Wall and Visitors at the Abbey.

The Templars

The members of the Templars cannot be lumped together, for the members of Corona Montis have met some honorable men of this military order. Yet more often than not, the Knights Templar have opposed the Austhwaites and their magi guests. Their members have imprisoned Phædra Ex Miscellanea, tried to kill her and the magi that tried to protect her, and have kidnapped children to force the magi of Corona Montis to do their bidding. Lately the magi have learned that is it most likely the faction known as "the Mules" which are their true enemy: those Templars which believe depravity and evil acts are acceptable, if they in turn hasten the arrival of Judgement Day. For a full history fo the Templars' interaction with the covenant, see the stories Beyond the Wall, Visitors at the Abbey, The Eyes of Argus and In the Viper's Nest.

Lord Benedict Pennington

Originally most properly an enemy of the Austhwaites, he has come to hate all those nobles who reside with them, and particularly the magi there, who were responsible for the death of his son and his retainers. He was involved in the swindle of Mary's Little Lamb and then tried to have Dulcibella of Díedne killed in the story And Everywhere that Alba Went... . His court wizard Tassilo was involved in using magic for Pennington's knights in An Unexpected Meeting at Strickland's Tournament and the lord was in possession of the demonic Firman's Wine Bottle. Pennington's son and knights were involved in a dastardly attack upon Sir Julius (see Lion in Sheep's Clothing) and things came to a head when Tassilo captured Stephen Austhwaite (see A Pit for Pennington). The magi moved against the court wizard and slew him, causing Pennington to besiege Austhwaite Manor. The magi assailed the army at night, slaying 5 of Pennington's knights, including his son Sir David. His army scattered, but he swore vengeance.

Elgentine of House Criamon

It is unknown whether Elgentine should truly be called an enemy, or whether he has simply acted against the magi of Corona Montis to accomplish something he considers altruistic. Nevertheless, Prava Sagitta knocked him out, and Elgentine acted against Phaedra Ex Miscellanea and her Corona Montis allies on two separate occasions: once during the story The Eyes of Argus and again in The Search for Hermes' Staff.

Fulgurator of House Tytalus

Little is known of this magus of Judge Hill covenant, save that he is middle-aged and involved in some plot with Socha O'Conner of Ex Miscellanea as discovered in Our Mutual Friend. Fulgurator is also suspected to be the one who aided the minstrel Quentin raise the King of the Dog-Throne. His Latin name is not auspicious, meaning "one who devines by lightning."

Socha O'Conner of House Ex Miscellanea

Socha O'Conner
This Irish maga is also a member of Judge Hill covenant and member of the conspriacy that Fulgurator of Tytalus is part of. The magi of Corona Montis have at least met Socha - in her guise as the "new Lord of Wythburn" - during the story Damosel in Distress. She was ousted and Sir John Porter re-established, but she nevertheless casts a long shadow over Corona Montis.

Walter Mauclerk, Bishop of Carlisle

Bishop Walter Mauclerk
Possibly a member of the conspiracy involving Fulgurator of Tytalus, Socha O'Conner of Ex Miscellanea, and Brother Jerome, the magi cannot be certain of his involvement but have tried to steer clear of the powerful churchman nevertheless. Srill, Brother Jerome claimed to do his bidding and to be his right hand man. If this is true it would certainly speak volumes about the Bishop himself.

Brother Jerome

Brother Jerome
Part of some plot with Fulgurator and Socha, this monk claims to do the bidding of the Bishop of Carlisle, possibly making Mauclerk an accomplice as well. The magi of Corona Montis met Jerome during the story Our Mutual Friend, and Father Brendan Austhwaite, always keen to discern evil, smelled brimstone when spells were cast at the brother. The magi took this to be all the proof they needed that he was trouble.

Former Enemies of Corona Montis

Occasionally even the magi of Corona Montis manage to remove someone from their long list of enemies...

Adwen Willoughby (Renata of House Tremere)

While not so much an enemy of Corona Montis as an enemy of the Willoughby family, Baelthornon had become obsessed with finding his long lost twin sister, responsible for the deaths of her former master and their parents. Adwen also managed an attempt on their brother Tathal's life; Aeddan managed to thwart this plan but was not there to defend his hapless parents from the deranged woman. She has been a pirate on the high seas, and is apparently as good at Corpus as Baelthornon, if not better. She was encountered during the story Family Reunion, and again 'avenging herself' against the Willoughbys in A Willoughby Family Wedding.Baelthornon finally brought her to the attention of the Quaesitors, and at the Tribunal of 1227, she was declared Marched. She was captured in 1230, then underwent Rego Mentem magics at the hand of the Order to destroy her hatred of the Willoughbys (see Adwen's Redemption). She has sinced gone on to join Rector Maris covenant, and has assumed the Hermetic name of Renata ("reborn") and joined House Tremere.

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