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03/07/04  Got rid of layers on the intro page which were woefully bad for modern browsers
09/26/01  Ohmigod, changes!
          We're playing D&D right now and taking some time off from the saga, but we'll be back!
          Moved the site over to my own web server, fixed the Project: Redcap link
02/16/01  Updated Baelthornon, other covenants
01/29/01  Updated story summaries, enemies, other covenants
01/25/01  Updated story summaries, Christopher, Baelthornon, Andrea
01/23/01  Updated story summaries, other covenants, enemies
          Moved pages to, 25 megs and iNBC is dirt slow
01/03/01  Updated story summaries, magic items
10/02/00  Updated Mad irishman link, added links to Mike's historical manuscripts and
           Declaration of Wizard's War
08/30/00  Updated story summaries, residents, magi, Baelthornon and Christopher
08/03/00  Added link to Mike's Epileus page, pdated armorial
07/26/00  Updated story summaries (BTW, new character sheets over at Mad Irishman)
07/23/00  Updated story summaries, armorial, library, magi, Whitney and Armestronge families
07/01/00  Updated story summaries, residents, Andrea, Porter family
06/24/00  Added large Tribunal map, updated Austhwaite, Armestronge trees, family web cards
06/08/00  Updated Baelthornon, Clothilde, Christopher, Willoughby & Austhwaite family trees,
           John, residents, spells and magi pages
05/29/00  Updated story summaries
05/04/00  Updated story summaries, changed Christopher's stats to conform
           to _Ordo Nobilis_ (ye gods!)
04/28/00  Updated story summaries, fixed index page (I hope)
04/22/00  Index page now with pop-up layers and (hopefully correct!)
           Latin rollovers...
04/19/00  Updated story summaries, magic items
04/16/00  Updated Celer (whoops, that was the Sabratha version!), spells
04/15/00  Fixed some bugs, added magic items
04/12/00  The big cosmetic overhaul begins, plus new story summaries,
           updated characters, added enemies page, new residents
03/12/00  (New) pictures for Baelthornon and Adwen, fixed Andrea's
		   page (whoops), slight changes to Other Covenants, Willoughby
03/11/00  Has it been that long?  Updated stories, Baelthornon,
           magi, Christopher, Armestronge family stuff, library
01/09/00  Updated residents page
01/04/00  Updated Austhwaites, Armestronges, magi, residents,
           Baelthornon, Christopher, Margaret, library
12/30/99  Many noble family updates and new story summaries
           More to come soon, if Y2K doesn't blow up the world
12/14/99  Updated Baelthornon, Christopher; added legalese
10/27/99  Added my map of Cumbria
10/17/99  Updated library, story summaries
           Added link to "Quotes of the Night"
10/12/99  Updated Baelthornon, Christopher, Margaret, library
           Updated story summaries, moved Prava link to Mike's pages
05/16/99  Added Banggarth Hall, Margaret Armestronge
           Updated story summaries, other covenants and map, magi,
           Austhwaite Manor, character sheet, family trees
04/25/99  Added residents of Austhwaite Manor page
           Updated story summaries
04/10/99  Updated story summaries, library, other covenants,
           Christopher and Baelthornon
04/02/99  Updated story summaries, library
02/19/99  Updated other covenants of the Order, Baelthornon, Roland
02/12/99  Updated other covenants of the Order, story summaries,
           former magi, Baelthornon, Hodleston family
02/05/99  Added other covenants of the Order, new spells
02/02/99  Added Sancti for John, Prava, and Roland
           Updated Baelthornon, maps of Austhwaite Manor
01/12/99  Added preliminary map of Austhwaite Manor
01/10/99  Updated stories (we're still missing quite a few)
01/09/99  Moved to (can't beat 11 megs for free!)
           Added PageCount counter, map of covenants

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