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Welcome to Mad Irishman Productions, where we specialize in quality role-playing products, particularly character sheets for your favorite games. Here you will find many free goodies in Adobe PDF format — allowing you to print out sheets or maps at will using Acrobat Reader — and the occasional PDF Form which you can type on directly.

Some of my most popular designs are featured on the right, while links to the left lead to all Mad Irishman Productions has to offer. If you have questions, make sure to check the FAQ first. You can find a list of my professional work in my ludography.

Somewhat-Recent News

  • 09/09/22: Top Secret Agent's Dossier now available in form-fillable version, thanks to Tim Norris. Also minor fix to the Top Secret mini-adventure Operation: Super Happy Lucky Cat Extravaganza Egg Roll House.
  • 09/10/21: Forgot I had made my Gamma World 4e sheet form-fillable, uploaded!
  • 11/08/20: Update to my official Magonomia sheet, now consonant with the Early Access rules revision 2.
  • 10/29/20: Minor fix to encounter key for S1 Tomb of Horrors Map Replica. Thanks, Marcos!
  • 05/26/20: Added Operation: Super Happy Lucky Cat Extravaganza Egg Roll House to the Top Secret page. Fixed link to Wild West Call of Cthulhu sheet - the external link has been dead forever
  • 03/15/20: Beware the Ides of March! Added my (official!) character sheet for Magonomia.
  • 03/14/20: Added non-layered, separate class versions of the AD&D2 character sheet replicas.
  • 12/14/19: We were offline for a bit there in transferring hosting over, sorry for any inconvenience!
  • 05/18/12: Real life may have calmed down enough for me to start sheeting again...anyone interested in a Pathfinder sheet?
  • 08/28/11: Moved some subdomains around and accidentally pointed away from the site for a bit, sorry.
  • 06/12/11: Posted Dungeon Dwellers character sheet and form 1.1.
  • 05/10/11: Posted Dungeon Dwellers character sheet 1.0.
  • 04/20/11: Posted Gunshot character sheet 1.0.
  • 09/03/10: Besides sheets on tap, I'm finally getting close to releasing some old school modules that I started way back when OSRIC got off the ground. <shrug> Anyway, something I always wanted to do...
  • 08/03/10: Yeah, I'm still around, but I was overseas for four months and then my father passed away, so I haven't had any time for sheeting. Hopefully that will change over the next few weeks!
  • 12/10/09: My next two character sheets will likely be for the Pathfinder and Warhammer RPGs. You can speed the process by making a donation towards my procuring either game!
  • 8/20/09: If you use the indispensible Metacreator program to handle your Ars Magica characters, you'll want to check out my custom print templates for your characters.
  • 5/21/09: Good news, d20 Modern fans, I've been given copies of my 2.1 sheet and form which are now again available for download. Thanks to Teresa for hooking me up!
  • 4/24/09: Finally got around to posting a d20 System sheet commemorating my Tar Heels' 2009 NCAA Basketball victory. Go Heels!!!
  • 4/12/09: Well, I've been busy, not that you've seen much here, I guess. Working on more Iron Heroes stuff and A Song of Ice and Fire. You can now buy a printed 16" x 20" poster of my map of Medieval Cumbria here. I also started putting T-shirts back up, you can find them at the CafePress Mad Irishman store.
  • 10/31/08: Happy Halloween! Fixed link to Ars Magica Fifth Edition Medieval Character Sheet. Still unpacking from the Big Move and my Adobe CS4 upgrade came in the mail today!
  • 10/13/08: Posted Star Frontiers SF AC-1 Character Record Sheet replica.
  • 09/22/08: Posted WFRP Character Sheet 1.33.
  • 07/26/08: Got my D&D 3e Player's Handbook in Russian yesterday, so posted D&D Third Edition character sheet 2.2, Russian translation. :^)
  • 07/08/08: Grab it and growl! I posted a free font I made to create D&D 4e attack icons. Enjoy!
  • 06/15/08: Happy Father's Day, fellow dads!
    Posted Ars Magica Fifth Edition Storyguide Screen. Posted beta 3 of D&D Fourth Edition character sheet.
    If you haven't made a donation, or it's been a long time since you did, please consider what the stuff on the site is worth to your gaming group. Over the last year, only 10 people have made a contribution...
    My sincere thanks to those who have!
  • 06/08/08: Posted Ars Magica Fifth Edition Medieval character sheet. Fixed typo on beta version of D&D Fourth Edition character sheet.
  • 06/07/08: Posted a beta version of a D&D Fourth Edition character sheet - I welcome feedback!
  • 06/06/08: Well, Yours Truly is back from LATVIA and ready to get back to sheeting. We've got D&D 4e out today, but due to severe weather here in Annapolis, it'll probably be tomorrow before I get a first draft of a 4e sheet out the door. Come back tomorrow and celebrate D&D Game Day!
  • 04/04/08: Gentle Readers: I note with profound sorrow the passing of Gary Gygax. He had a singular impact on my life, and fortunately, I was able to tell him that when I met him at GenCon this year. You will always be welcome at my gaming table, Mr. Gygax.

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D&D 4e Character sheet
Your favorite game has evolved - so have your favorite sheets!

Remember, the Sheet will be with you, always.

All you need to play besides a 20-sided die!

A great game demands a great sheet!

Customizable for d20 Future, d20 Past, or Urban Arcana!

Now ready for Arcana Evolved
or Arcana Unearthed!

Now ready for D&D 3.5!

LotR Sheet
One sheet to rule them all...

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